Suppliers have created an online platform for effective business management called Retail link with Walmart as well as to document data, generate reports, and launch exclusive applications. This is to create a satisfying experience for the suppliers as well as considered to be one of the innovative ideas to create more autonomy for the suppliers’ businesses. Through this option, the suppliers get the control to overview the product management, data monitoring, maintain inventory details, create inventory turnover, and other associated things. Walmart Retail link has created an option to overcome the problem of risk associated with the inventory and cost.

How to login to retail link


How to register for retail link

  • Log on to the website
  • Click the button Create Account
  • Type the first name
  • Enter your last name
  • Provide your email address
  • Choose the country symbol in the dropdown option and enter your phone number
  • Create a strong password
  • Retype the same password for confirmation
  • Enter the captcha code
  • Click the option Create account

Retail link Walmart- Forgot userid

  • Open the link
  • Click the option forgot your User ID
  • It would redirect to the page of resetting
  • Provide your registered email address
  • Click the option “Next”
  • Follow the screen instructions

Retail link- Forgot password

  • Check into the website
  • Select the choice Forgot password
  • Reset password page gets opened
  • Type the created user ID
  • Click the option “Next”
  • Proceed as per screen order

Features of retail link

Walmart Retail Link is a comprehensive tool for the suppliers to get data documented in an effective way resulting in cost-effectiveness. It has plenty of features and here through a few highlights about the retail link we get to know about it.

Inventory management

It can provide an alert about stock availability, climatic and seasonal dependency, sellers’ needs and demands, prioritization, and other inventory factors which can work on cost efficiently.

Report generation

This is very effective in creating reports and identifies the successful brands deploying the concept retail link in order to make the product availability as well as explore the needs of the customers in a timely way. Moreover, the generated report can create a supply chain so that the brand’s name exists.

Sales prediction

Retail link walmart being a hub of collecting comprehensive data sources, it becomes a helpful factor for the buyers to identify the patterns as well as can work out the demand of the products in the peak times. Matching these needs it also creates a way to identify and check out the inventory availability. Alongside companies get a connecting point to explore the needs of customers as well as to check out the possible ways to create happy shopping. When the product availability is satisfying, the customer shopping and sales get increased.

Weather predictions

This is an innovative version of Walmart’s retail link which supplies details related to the weather patterns and the sales can be predicted for the whole year or for the 52 weeks. This is the latest technology that might sound abnormal but still, it could really create a greater impact for every business irrespective of size. If the company gets the opportunity to get the right prediction about weather patterns obviously the product availability can also be maintained accordingly.

Retail link support

The support team can be contacted at 479-273-8888
To retrieve the username or password, you can call this hotline number and for any emergency as well.

Retail link FAQ

What do you mean by the retail link?
Walmart has initiated with an internet tool called retail link exclusively for the suppliers to get accessibility with regard to their sales and other associated structures

Can you throw some advantages of a retail link?
  • Every retailer exclusively supplier could get the accessibility of information that they need for their business
  • Effective inventory management and cash on hand can be maintained by the small and big brands
  • Cost-saving is huge wherein the business can invest more on marketing and other kinds of technological implementations

Is retail link a sales analytics software?

Obviously retailing can be considered for analytics as it works on a software methodology where it helps in inventory optimization and can contribute much for the business development of the suppliers. Alongside, it doesn’t stop with sales analytics alone rather it also helps in supply chain management which creates a brand promotion in a huge way

What are the criteria for creating a password?

  • Password creation for the retail link has the following options
  • Minimum of eight and a maximum of thirty characters should be present
  • Password should be a combination of alphabets and numeric
  • Minimum of one uppercase is needed
  • Minimum of one number is required

At the time of user-id retrieval, I get a message that this user id does not exist. Why so?

You need to ensure whether you have given the registered email address for the user ID retrieval as the link would be sent to your email to reset.

What is the time duration for the Retail link’s registration access?

After opting for walmart retail link registration, 48 hours of access is given. Still, if the issue continues, it is essential to contact the Retail link Support

Is retail link registration a mandatory one?

It can be completely accessible only if you get the proper user id and password for which the registration is mandatory. The process is simple and quick.

List out the highlights of the Retail link’s dashboard

  • Reporting can be done effortlessly
  • Forecasting of the sales or business development is efficient 
  • Root cause analysis can be done accurately
  • Data Visualization is highly possible with customization
  • Suppliers Scoreboard with key performance indicators